About the Walk of the Planets

Caherdaniel Dark Sky, WALK OF THE PLANETS is a scaled Solar system walk. Starting at Caherdaniel Village (0) the trail is 3.5 kilometres long and ends at Coad (9). The journey, along the Kerry Way, will take you through breathtaking scenery.


Your journey starts at the Sun. Specially commissioned markers at each stop will enable a wonderful exploration of the planets found in our Solar System. To get an idea of the distance of each planet from the sun and from each other, the walk is set to scale.


You can of course start your exploration of our solar system from planet Pluto (9) at Coad and walk your way towards the Sun (0) at Caherdaniel Village.

The Milky Way at Derrynane

The photo shows the milky way over Derrynane beach to Abbey Island. Along with the area of Staigue Fort, both are situated within the core of the 'Gold Tier' Kerry International Dark Sky Reserve, giving you the most darkest place to observe the night sky.

About the Kerry International Dark Sky Reserve
Kerry International Dark Sky Reserve sits on the Iveragh Peninsula, home to nearly 4,000 residents, and incorporates approximately 700 square km of territory along the Wild Atlantic Way tourism trail. Its location between the Kerry Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean provides some natural protection against light pollution.

The night sky has captivated the people of Ireland for millennia. Nearly 6,000 years ago, the Neolithic inhabitants of the Iveragh Peninsula built stone monuments incorporating alignments to track cycles of the Sun, Moon, and stars. According to some experts, ancient Ogham-language inscriptions found in the region may depict celestial observations.

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